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Home Inspections For Sellers: A Guide

Typically when we think of home inspections in the context of a real estate transaction, we’re thinking about them from the buyer’s perspective. They’re inspecting the home to make sure that there aren’t any hidden expenses that they’re going to have to pay for once the home is sold.

However, home inspections are also important for the seller, who wants to make sure the home gets sold at the highest value possible. When sellers get a home inspection before putting their house on the market, this is known as a pre-inspection. Below, you’ll learn the considerations to make when choosing whether or not you want to get a pre-inspection for your home. As well, we’ll cover some of the common things that a home inspector might look for.

Should You Get A Pre-Inspection?

There are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing to get a pre-inspection. First is the advantages that they offer. By having your home inspected ahead of time, you’re able to avoid many potential issues that may come up down the line.

This may mean getting stuff repaired ahead of time or it may mean disclosing the problems to the buyer. Either way, it helps prevent giving them leverage during re-negotiations. After all, if you agreed to one price with the understanding that everything was in working order, shouldn’t the price be lower once problems are found?

On the other hand, home inspections aren’t always standardized. The inspector you hire may find things that the other inspector wouldn’t have — meaning you may have to spend more money — or they may not find things the other inspector does, meaning you still have the potential for needing to make unexpected last-minute repairs.

What Does A Home Inspection Look For?

Because home inspections aren’t standardized, it’s hard to say exactly what your inspector will look for. It’s useful to speak with them ahead of time to get a handle on what they focus on, but it’s common to focus on any potential safety issues.

This means they’ll often be looking for plumbing issues, water damage, and structural problems. They also pay close attention to the roof and HVAC, which are the most prone to needing expensive repairs.

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